Student Farm - Ecological Garden


The Student Farm is a community where students work to create, maintain, and explore sustainable food systems. The Ecological Garden is a half-acre garden within the Student Farm, made up of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, vines, insectary plants, chickens, California native plants, worm composting, and aerobic composting systems. Students maintain the space as they learn and share gardening techniques and general principles of ecological horticulture. In addition to the diverse plantings, the Ecological Garden program includes seed saving efforts, self-taught medicinal herb processing and use, and flower production. The Ecological Garden is the central site for the Kids in the Garden Program that hosts farm field trips for school groups and also the site for workshops and activities of the UC Davis School Gardening Program.

Get Involved

Visit the website for more information about the Ecological Garden and how to become a volunteer or intern.